Introduction to Our Programs Part 1 – Transitions and Assets for Success

At DECSA, we offer a variety of programs for individuals by offering support and opportunities they may not otherwise have. Our programs are aimed at increasing employability, livelihood, and socialization, and in some cases, aiding in the transition from a difficult situation.

The Assets for Success program is designed to provide individuals who self-disclose as having mental health conditions with the supports they need to secure and maintain suitable employment or educational pursuits. Our program provides continuous intake to individuals ready to return to work after a period of less than three years of unemployment. We provide up to six months of supports in the form of individualized assessment, case management support, life management and employment preparation workshops, employment placement services, exposure courses, and follow-up retention supports.

To be eligible for this program you must be of 18 years of age or older, unemployed or marginally employed (working less than 20 hours a week), legally able to work in Canada, ineligible for Employment Insurance, not accessing other employment supports through provincial employment programs, and identify as having a mental health condition that is stabilized.

If you are ready to return to work and interested in finding out more or applying for this program, please contact us at (780) 474-2500.

Another program we currently offer is the Transitions program. This intensive program reaches out to people of all genders wishing to move away from a life of sexual employment and helps them to achieve self-sufficiency outside the sex trade. Our program focuses on a complete rehabilitation for clients, improving self-esteem and social skills, helping with education to obtain gainful employment, and promoting overall health and wellness in a safe environment. We can provide counseling, addiction-rehabilitation support, transportation assistance, exposure courses, and legal and court advocacy to our clients.

Additionally, the Alberta’s Women in Motion program is available to participants in the Transitions program. It encourages females 18 and older in Alberta to lead a healthy lifestyle full of sport or other physical activities. This program exists to provide women who are unable to access physical activities due to income, location, family, perceived ability, or culture the ability to do so in a safe, stress-free environment. Current classes include yoga, Zumba, and Salsa.

If you are interesting in finding out more or applying for this program, please call us at (780) 474-2500.

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