DECSA Client Dave O’Riordan Interviewed on CTV News

CTV News interviewed Dave O’Riordan, a past client of DECSA’s, as part of Mental Health Week. When Dave was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1994, he felt alone, afraid, and helpless. Through a journey that he describes in his book Bipolar Shoes: People Do Matter, Dave came to understand that “Bipolar is not the end of the world, just a new set of blueprints.”

In his two books, Bipolar Shoes: People Do Matter and Bipolar Shoes: Just B U, Dave shares knowledge he has gained through his experiences living with bipolar disorder and offers support to others facing the same challenges. Dave is now working on his third book.

Click here to watch Dave’s interview on CTV News:

Bipolar disorder is just one of many mental health conditions Canadians experience. Common mental health conditions are mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and eating disorders. For more information on these and other mental health conditions, visit the Canadian Mental Health Association’s website at

DECSA is proud to work with people living with mental health conditions through Assets for Success, a program designed to provide individuals with the supports to secure and maintain suitable employment or education.

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