Dressing to Impress (an Interviewer)

Kelley is heading out to two job interviews this week. She’s spent a lot of time preparing for both of them, and she’s feeling pretty confident. She has just one last step: deciding what to wear.

Her first  interview is for a cashier job at a clothing store. She wants to wear clothing from the store to the interview to show that she already knows and loves its products. Here’s her outfit. What advice would you give her? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

Outfit #1

Outfit #1: Cashier Job

Kelley also has an interview for a job as an office assistant in a doctor’s office. She’s thinking of wearing this outfit. What advice would you give her? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

Outfit #2

Outfit #2: Office Assistant Job

Click here and here to learn more about dressing for an interview.

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  1. Well done! She has done her research and knows what the company/office is looking for. She will probably make a good first impression.

  2. In outfit #1 Kelley is on the right track wearing clothing from the store although she should not wear sunglasses or a hat into a job interview. Sandals are also a no no as most places open toed sandals are against the dress code. I would also recommend that she not wear just a tank top. A cardigan sweater would look really nice pulling the outfit together and making it look a little more professional instead of casual.

    In outfit #2 Kelley’s pants are a little too big. It is important to always make sure your clothes fit your body properly. She looks like she rolled out of bed and didn’t put much effort into her appearance for the day. She could use a little light makeup and maybe a nice flattering necklace to compliment her outfit.

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