I did the interview…Now what?


Many people think that once the interview is over and done with, it’s time to sit back, relax, and play the waiting game. I know that I have have made that mistake before. I did really well on a phone interview and was brought in for a second interview. I was convinced that the job was mine and even began apartment hunting in that area. You can imagine how crushed I was when I found out that I hadn’t been selected for the position. When I look back, I realise that there were some things I could have done after the interview to try and push the odds in my favour. Here are some suggestions on ways you can improve your chances of landing the job:

Before you leave the interview, make sure you ask when they expect to call the person they have selected for the job, if it wasn’t previously discussed. DO follow up with the hiring manager after the interview. This shows that you are still interested in the position itself. Even better, if the interviewers are having trouble choosing between you and someone else, your continued interest could tip the balance. That being said, DON’T make a nuisance out of yourself by continuously pestering the hiring manager about when they are going to make a decision.  Also, if they ask you to not make any follow-up contact, respect their decision.

DO contact the hiring manager in the way they asked. If they asked you to contact them using email, do so. If they didn’t say how to contact them, stick with the system you had before the interview. DON’T contact them using a home phone number, unless specifically told to. Personal life and professional life should be kept separate.

DO send a personalized thank you note to each person on the interviewing panel within twenty four hours after the interview. You want the employer to know that you appreciate their time. Handwritten, typed and emailed notes are acceptable. DON’T go overboard by sending flowers or gifts. The interviewer should feel appreciated, not bribed.

It is important that you DO keep job searching in the meantime, even if you are convinced the job is yours. You might have aced the interview, but someone else could have too. DON’T put all of your eggs into one basket . It’s always good to keep your options open while waiting for a response. Who knows, you might find an even better position!

DO accept rejection graciously. The last thing you want to do is burn bridges with a potential employer. You never know when another position might become available in the organization that you may be a good fit for. DON’T take it personally. It doesn’t mean that you “failed”, it just means there is another job just waiting for you.

For those of you looking for a place to job search, DECSA has a Community Resource Centre, which has computers, printers, fax machines, telephones, coffee and free wi-fi. We are open to the public Monday to Friday from 8-4, and are located at 11515-71 Street. For more information, please call 780-474-2500.


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  1. I’ll admit! I usually just sit back and relax after an interview. But this is really good advice. I definitely agree that you shouldn’t take it personally if you don’t get hired. I find that if one door closes, there always seems to be an open one around somewhere. You’ve just gotta find it!

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