4 Reasons to Volunteer 5 Hours

There are 168 hours in one week. How do you spend those hours?

Let’s imagine you’re the average Canadian. You spend 56 hours asleep. That leaves 112. You spend 30 of your 112 waking hours watching TV. That leaves 82. Next, there’s about a 50% chance you volunteer. If you’re part of that 50%, then you probably volunteer about 3 hours a week.

Here are 4 reasons to take 5 of those TV-watching hours and turn them into volunteer hours. I’m Claire, an avid fan of volunteering. I just happen to volunteer here at DECSA.

Why is volunteering way better than watching TV?

  1. You meet people and make connections: Volunteering is a great way to get to know people. One summer I volunteered in a camp kitchen. The next summer they hired me as their kitchen assistant. The next summer they gave me a great reference for another job. I also made three good friends at that camp, and they’re still my friends today.
  1. You build new skills and learn new things: You can learn a lot in volunteer positions. You can even choose a skill you want to develop and find a volunteer position that helps you practice it. I wanted experience in writing, so I’m volunteering in social media at DECSA. I’ve learned a lot about online communication, media relations, non-profit organizations, and employment in Edmonton. I can take my new knowledge and experiences into future jobs and use it to help out friends and family.
  1. You beef up your resume: Volunteering, especially if it’s related to the job you’re applying for or if you’re short on work experience, looks really good on your resume. Employers notice that you have experience and that you’re contributing to society. I’ll definitely put DECSA on my resume.
  1. You help other people: You have a chance to help others while doing things you’re passionate about. Maybe you love art or music or math or English. Maybe you care about people with disabilities or mental health conditions or addictions. Edmonton has volunteering opportunities in all of these areas. I connect with people’s need to find work, and I’m thrilled to be part of an organization that supports Edmontonians in their search for employment.
Claire working away at her DECSA desk

Claire working hard at her DECSA desk

Convinced that volunteering is worth your while? Check out Volunteer Edmonton to find out about opportunities around town.

You can also volunteer with DECSA by providing admin support. Duties include reception, taking calls, building resumes for walk-in clients, and helping clients use the computers in the Community Hub. If you might be interested in volunteering with us, call us at 780-474-2500 or email us at info@decsa.com. We’d love your company!

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