The Formula for Success


Today’s blog post is from one of our staff members, who has worked here for twenty years. I’d say that they are knowledgeable on this subject! It is something to think about for those of you who are returning to school, or looking for employment, or any other goal for that matter.


“I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure – try to please everybody.”  (Herbert Bayard Swope)

In the world of success there could be various areas of goal setting and whatever your particular goal is you have to keep working on it and to stay focused on it.  If you are a person of certain principles and rules, both personally and professionally, nothing or nobody should be allowed to interfere with the realization of your goal.  In other words, your interest, energy, time and focus on that goal cannot be compromised in order for you to attain what you planned to achieve.  The bigger your goal, the bigger your commitment to it!   Although family, friends, hobbies and various other spheres of life are important, you would need to prioritize it all and put yourself in charge of your long-term objective and be smart enough to not slow yourself down or weaken your motivation by any people or events that would have a negative side-effect on your staying on schedule towards your goal.   It is important to separate your reason from emotions.  Your standards and timelines would have to come first and, therefore, whatever would have a potential to play on your emotions to distract you or make you change your goal, it would have to be assessed as not serving your best interest and personal and professional integrity.  So, having said that, is there any room for flexibility?  What about some emergencies, something to be attended to with some obvious consequences for your “important goal”?   Would it not be simply rude or impolite to say “No” to those legitimately asking for help in their life circumstances?  If you were to show “flexibility” what would be your conditions for it? What is your golden rule for a healthy balance between saying “Yes” and “No” or between pleasing and displeasing others?  What are your thoughts?


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  1. I agree that we must keep our long-term goals in mind at all times. In many situations, I ask, “What is most important to me in life?” Answering this question helps me make decisions here and now. For example, if my three greatest life goals are to help those in need, maintain good relationships with friends and family, and to continuously learn, then I can divide my time among these things. Sometimes one goal will take up more time than another, and this is okay. (Flexibility is required.) However, if I neglect one of these goals for a long time, I know I need to make changes to my lifestyle. Or, perhaps, I actually need to re-evaluate my goals.

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