Better than sandwiches!

Those of you who work outside of your home, and either pack a lunch, buy a lunch, or do a combination of both, will most likely agree that sometimes lunch routines can get a little boring. Sandwiches, fast food, sandwiches, salad, sandwiches… you get the drift. That’s why we were so excited to have Chipman 1/4lb. Fries, an Edmonton food truck, park on our property for lunch hour on Friday, September 12th, selling fish and chips! What’s even more cool is that “Chipman” was a participant in our Ventures program, and now has this yummy food truck business!

When asked what they thought of their fish and chips lunch, staff and other visitors had comments such as “We want more!” and “The fries are so good!”. Even Jake, a maritimer who is pretty picky about his fish said “Yeah, it was awesome.”

Jealous that you missed out? Don’t worry! Chipman 1/4lb. Fries will be back at DECSA (11515 71 Street) on September 24th and October 23rd.  Make sure you check out their Facebook page here for more information on times and dates.



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