Resume Basics: Part 1, Chronological

Chronological Resume template

A couple weeks back, we asked what were the three basic types of resume formats that people knew about. Most people knew about the “Chronological” resume, but there is also a “Functional” and a “Combination” resume style. For those of you who weren’t quite sure, we thought we’d go explain what they are, and give some pros and cons of each type in a three part series.


This style of resume is probably the most commonly used. It lists your work history in reverse chronological order, which means your most recent employment is listed first. Each job listed specifies your position at the company, the name of the company and the dates you worked there. Under this information, roles and responsibilities are highlighted, usually in a bulleted form.




Smith’s Grocery- Edmonton, AB                         2012-2013

  • Identified price of goods using electronic cash register
  • Accepted payments from customers and gave change and receipt
  • Encouraged and assisted customers to sign up for store rewards programs 


So, what are the good and the bad points about using this style? Here is a list of pros and cons:


  • It’s a commonly used format, which makes it recognizable to employers
  • It showcases your work history in an easy to read style
  • It is easy to edit/update any changes in  your work history


  • Any gaps in your employment history are highlighted, which depending on the reason, may be something you don’t want a potential employer to know
  • If you don’t have any work experience, or very little work experience, it will be noticeable to the employer
  • It might be harder for an employer to recognize your skills, if they aren’t highlighted in your roles/responsibilities


Not sure if a chronological resume is right for you? Part two in this series, the “Functional” resume, will be posted next week!

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