How To Develop, Promote And Protect Your Personal Brand On Social Networks

Participants in our “Assets for Success” program were practising their “Elevator Speeches” last week. This blog post shows you how to use your “Elevator Speech” through social media platforms.

Ray W Marshall

The Elevator Speech

A number of years ago, when I was training with a group of salespeople, I was taught how to make an “elevator speech.” The concept was simple. Be prepared to share in a few sentences, and in around thirty seconds or less, what you were all about. Disciplining ourselves to cut out all that was unnecessary, we learned to describe ourselves in a few succinct sentences. The purpose was to allow us to quickly engage with potential clients, customers and business associates in a positive, professional and memorable manner. In this way we narrowed the margin for errors we might make when we were trying to make a good first impression. No more rambling about our past. No more hesitation and awkward silences. We learned to present a straight delivery of the goods. The result was that potential customers became more responsive, as did potential business associates…

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  1. Anne Marie Lindell

    Great post, thank you

  2. Thanks for your comment, Anne-Marie. We thought our readers might find this post interesting.

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