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Theatre for Living in collaboration with Alberta Health Services, the University of Alberta and the Canadian Mental Health Association





maladjusted stops for two performances in Edmonton, Alberta on

 February 27 at 7:30pm and February 28 at 2:00pm

 Boyle Street Community League, 9538 – 103A Avenue

Tickets $15 available here

Information line: 780-735-4943

Theatre for Living’s critically acclaimed maladjusted is set to tour into 26 communities across BC & Alberta. Audiences are calling it a “thought provoking, gut wrenching, funny, sad and mind-broadening” piece of interactive theatre. maladjusted engages audiences with powerful images and authentic voices weaving together three very personal narratives: A young teenager struggling with sadness over her friend’s suicide is misdiagnosed by her doctor; a young homeless man who is legitimately taking prescription meds gets thrown into dangerous circumstances by social workers, who are from within a mechanizing system, trying their best to help him; and finally, there is all of us, unable to adjust to the needs of a maladjusted mental health sector, who become potential agents for change.

maladjusted takes us on an intimate journey, builds up to a breathtaking crisis and then STOPS. Next, at this heightened moment of suspense, we are invited to engage with the characters from a safe, entertaining and creative space where anything is possible!

Directed and “Joked” by Vancouver’s veteran theatre maker “local hero” and “international treasure” David Diamond, and performed by a very talented cast of patients and caregivers who really know the mental health system. maladjusted is two and a half hours of riveting, ground-breaking and perspective altering forum theatre.

The production has proven successful in reaching and involving diverse audiences, including families, mental health patients and those working in the mental health and counseling community in an essential dialogue. How? By opening up an opportunity for people who are living issues of stigmatization and mechanization of the system to articulate a narrative that allows all sides of the issue to explore practical and yet creative solutions; to engage in the complexities of real-life scenarios using theatre as a laboratory; to access conflict-transformation options in an empowering and highly entertaining way.


maladjusted is made possible thanks to the generous support of the following funders:

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