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Nothing Beats Confidence!

We are honoured to have Confidence Coach Shirley Borrelli join us here at DECSA (11515 71 Street) on April 30th at 2pm. Shirley will be presenting on how to increase your chances of getting hired by projecting confidence, even if you don’t feel it! All are welcome to attend.11009082_466971186787882_1958501650160680295_n

National Volunteer Week

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. –Anne Frank

Here at DECSA, we are lucky to have a great team of volunteers who contribute their time and energy in various capacities. These individuals all play a valuable role in making DECSA the organization that it is. This week is National Volunteer Week, but we would like our volunteers to know that we acknowledge and appreciate the work that they do every single day! Here are some of DECSA’s awesome volunteers:

Please join us in thanking ALL of our wonderful volunteers for everything they do!


Volunteering for Health!

When we talk about reasons for volunteering, we often think about how it nice it can look on a resume, or how rewarding it is to give back to our community. Sure it’s great to volunteer for those reasons, but what about the potential health benefits we can reap? Here are three reasons why volunteering might also be beneficial to your mind and body:

1. It can help with periods of depression

Volunteering provides you with an opportunity to meet new people, strengthen relationships, and create or expand your support network. Individuals who suffer from depaustralian-terrier-164087_1280ression and other mental illnesses, are often at risk of becoming socially isolated. Volunteering gets you out of the house and keeps you in contact with other people, helping you through periods of loneliness by potentially developing a strong support network.

2. It can keep you physically active

Depending on what type of volunteer work you choose to do, you might also be able to give your body a workout while giving back to your community! Try walking dogs at a local shelter, helping out at youth group, or collecting food for your local food bank. Plus, studies show that people who volunteer on a regular basis have a lower mortality rate than those who don’t.

3. It can help reduce stress

According to experts, you are less likely to feel as stressed when you are distracted from your day-to-day problems by focusing your time on someone else. You may also find that the things that have been worrying you were not as big as you thought they were, making you feel a lot less stressed as a result.


Interested in volunteering your time at DECSA? Give us a call at 780-474-2500!

Adventures in Ventures

Listen up! Our Ventures program will once again be running a 5-week Business Development workshop series, starting next week. Ventures serves entrepreneurs with disabilities to gain the skills, support, and tools to move forward with a concept, idea, plan or existing business. We only have a few spaces left, so if you know of anyone who would benefit fromBusiness Plan investing “time in” to an entrepreneurial pursuit, and has a documented disability, please send them our way! There is no charge to participate. The workshops will run from April 13th to May 13th, 2015 and will be held at DECSA, 11515 – 71 Street, Edmonton.

To register, contact Anne-Marie at 780-471-9655. Our TTY is: 780-471-9635

We look forward to helping others grow their business!

The DECSAmobile!

Clients and staff gathered on the front lawn of DECSA on Tuesday to watch the arrival of a generous gift from ATB Financial: a cargo van! The van, which even features DECSA’s logo, was driven up to the front of the building by staff from ATB Financial, and presented to DECSA’s CEO Deborah Rose by Sandra Huculak from ATB.

DECSA will be able to use the van for a variety of purposes, including trips to the Edmonton Food Bank to pick up groceries for clients.

Thank you ATB Financial!