Volunteering for Health!

When we talk about reasons for volunteering, we often think about how it nice it can look on a resume, or how rewarding it is to give back to our community. Sure it’s great to volunteer for those reasons, but what about the potential health benefits we can reap? Here are three reasons why volunteering might also be beneficial to your mind and body:

1. It can help with periods of depression

Volunteering provides you with an opportunity to meet new people, strengthen relationships, and create or expand your support network. Individuals who suffer from depaustralian-terrier-164087_1280ression and other mental illnesses, are often at risk of becoming socially isolated. Volunteering gets you out of the house and keeps you in contact with other people, helping you through periods of loneliness by potentially developing a strong support network.

2. It can keep you physically active

Depending on what type of volunteer work you choose to do, you might also be able to give your body a workout while giving back to your community! Try walking dogs at a local shelter, helping out at youth group, or collecting food for your local food bank. Plus, studies show that people who volunteer on a regular basis have a lower mortality rate than those who don’t.

3. It can help reduce stress

According to experts, you are less likely to feel as stressed when you are distracted from your day-to-day problems by focusing your time on someone else. You may also find that the things that have been worrying you were not as big as you thought they were, making you feel a lot less stressed as a result.


Interested in volunteering your time at DECSA? Give us a call at 780-474-2500!


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