Transition for Transitions

Our Transitions program is an intensive pre-employment and life management skills program developed to assist individuals who have current or past involvement in the sex trade, and would like to move into mainstream employment or education. Recently, the program has undergone some changes, based off of the needs of participants. A pre-program component has been added, where clients and DECSA staff work together on helping the individual become more stabilized through outreach supports, so that they can feel prepared for the core portion of the program. IMG_1824Such supports may include, but are not limited to: housing, addictions, relapse prevention, health issues (including mental health), childcare, legal and financial. Once the participant feels ready, willing, and able to commit to the program, they will be invited to attend the core portion. Clients can expect to experience a reduction in social isolation, enhanced personal safety, improved health and wellness, strengthened self-esteem and increased self-confidence.

The Transitions Program Manager, Amanda,  feels the addition is a positive one. She says:”With the new pre-program incorporated into the program, we are seeing the participants advance on a more successful level. The program has improved dramatically since the change”

The core portion of the program is delivered in a workshop format over 20 weeks, where clients receive learning opportunities to assist them in moving closer to their employment or educational goals. 

Just as before, the program is open to women, men and transgendered individuals aged 18 and over, from any culture.

For more information about Transitions, call us at (780) 474-2500.

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