The Cats of DECSA

When you enter our reception area and are greeted by two friendly felines, it’s easy to mistake them for carefully selected therapy cats. They’re exceedingly well-mannered, and so obviously at home in the building that you’d think they’d been trained as office cats.



In fact, Lucy and Hedley chose DECSA. Each morning, you’ll find them waiting patiently at the door, knowing that they’ll soon be fed and fawned over. They make their rounds, travelling all over the building to mingle with us. You can tell just by watching that they’re right at home.

These two have families to return to at night, but they both prefer to spend their days with us. Their owners think this arrangement is ideal: the cats have ample opportunity to be socialized (i.e., spoiled), and can come home each evening. It’s a win-win, really. Apparently, bowls of food on the doorstep (not to mention the odd treat) are enough to keep Lucy and Hedley coming back faithfully each day. They’re so punctual, in fact, that we sign them in and out, just like employees! (They seem fine with a salary consisting of treats and snuggles.)



Fortunately for the DECSA team, having a couple of cats around is good for health and productivity. The benefits of therapy dogs are widely known, but cats are the unsung heroes of mental and physical health. A cat’s very presence is known to elevate mood and decrease anxiety. So much as petting a cat can decrease blood pressure. A quick cat cuddle here and there makes us smile, calms our anxiety, and helps us create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. In short, every office should have a cat or two, just for general well-being.

Next time you drop by, be sure to say hello to Lucy and Hedley. Who knows? Maybe you’ll walk away just a little bit happier.

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