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  1. I have not worked since 1998. I have been on Aisha due to disabilities. I receive an amount in an inheritance that is greater than that allowed by aish. I am currently off the system. I feel that to participate in the activity I have been recently engaged in the I should earn some income. I do not know what type of work I could do or even where to begin. I am 57 years old. Is this agency able to help me?

    • Hi Louise,

      DECSA’s Assets for Success program would normally be able to take a look at your situation, but unfortunately their intakes have ended for this year. If you would like to contact DECSA to see if we can assist in some other way, please phone us at (780) 474-2500.

  2. Are Your programs only available to those who have been involved in the sex trade?

    • Hi Wendy,

      Our Transitions program is only for those who have been in the sex trade and/or sexually exploited. This requirement does not apply to our other programs. If you have further questions, please call us at 780-474-2500.

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